onsdag 4 april 2012

Adding user to SharePoint_Shell_Access role

When you want to do something with SharePoint PowerShell you first have to add you user to the SharePoint_Shell_Access roll. To do that you have to run the command Add-SPShellAdmin from the SharePoint 2010 Administration Shell. This can be found on the same place as your Central Administration link in the start menu.

To add you user to the SharePoint_Shell_Access role run this command: Add-SPShellAdmin -Identity [Domain \Username] 

This will add your user to the SharePoint_Shell_Access role in the farm configuration database and ensure that your in the WSS_Admin_WPG local group on all the servers in the farm.

This is the absolute simplest way of adding a user to the SharePoint_Shell_Access role. But for a more granular control you can specify which content database the user should have this roll on.

For a complete listing of the commands please check on this link: Add-SPShellAdmin@Technet

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